Friday, September 30, 2011

~ Show Tomorrow ~

Tomorrow we will be going to our first show since May!! : )

It's up in Fairview, NC, so only about an hour away. Which is always a plus because we don't have to wake up soo early!

We are a part of the club that is putting on the show. The Blue Ridge Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association so it will be good to see our good "rabbit friends" that we haven't seen in awhile. It should be a really good show, with lots of good competition! : )

We are taking:


We are also taking Bonnie to be entered in the "DQ Show". It's something the club came up with this year to help raise some extra money for the club. How it works is you enter a rabbit that has to have at least 1 DQ. So the point was to get people to bring a rabbit that they have that is a great representation of the breed other then the 1 or 2 DQ's. Plus the show will be judged by Kitty Lynch! (who is known to be the DQ Queen for always being so picky!) So this should be a very fun show to watch! : )
The reason we're taking Bonnie is because she had broken off one of her toenails really bad when she was little and it never grew back. I think she is pretty nice, so we'll see how it goes.

I think Oliver, Isabell, & Skye all have a pretty good chance to win something, but not sure about Bentley and Sophie. They are both kind of big, so I'm afraid that they'll be DQ'ed for being over weight. Even though they are both still "Jr.'s" I entered them in as Sr.'s because of their weight. You just never know what a judge is going to have to say! So I'm hoping for the best, but preparing myself for the worst. Even if they do get DQ'ed I'm still going to keep them because of their super sweet personalities and color.

I'll try to post some results when I get back tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~ Thoughts ~

Like usual we are pretty busy around here at Fisher Farms with all the bunnies, but enjoying all the time we put into them! : )

I have finally sexed all the litters we have right now; named them all; took their pictures; and posted them on the website!

As I take their individual pictures, it's the first time that I get to really start evaluating the their quality. They will still continue to develop until they are several months old, but when they are about 3-4 weeks old you can kind of get a first glance of what they'll look like when they get older. At this time, I also make my decision as to who I will be keeping and who will be for sale. Right now, we are mainly focusing on getting all Sable Points/ Siamese Sables, and once we get the color that we're looking for more established, we'll start focusing more on quality.
We are still trying to keep the better quality bunnies out of the litters, but are mainly looking for color.

At most rabbit shows, there seems to be a bias that only the black torts can win! So we're going to try to change that. : )

Our litters seem to be getting better quality each time! Considering that we originally started with non-pedigreed "Mutt" bunnies that we weren't even sure what breed they may be close to; we have come a long way!
I'm getting very excited about how well our most recent litters have come along. When I was taking pictures of Millie's litter, I was posing Stewart (the black tort in the litter) and usually I have to hold my hand under the baby’s head to keep it up, but as soon as I posed him, he stayed perfect! Here's the picture:

I was kind of in "awe" of him, and so proud that we were able to produce such a nice little bunny. But then I was disappointed that he wasn't a sable point! We really don't need another tort, so he'll be for sale. So if you are interested in him let me know!! He carries dilute! : ) I would really like for him to go to a breeder that will show him and be able to use him. I wouldn't mind him being a pet, but would rather someone be able to use his nice quality for their breeding program. : )

Out of the litters we have right now, here are the bunnies that we will be keeping:
"Fisher Farm's Gracie"
She is such a little sweetie and I love her color. She looks like she might be a little bit of a bigger doe, but her color is so nice and she's got such a great personality that I couldn't let her go! : )
She is from Fisher Farm's Bonnie and Roy's Liam.

"Fisher Farm's Drew"
Also, a super sweet little bunny! He loves attention! He also has great color and a pretty nice head and body. He kept falling asleep while I was taking pictures, so I had to hold his head up! lol ; )
He is from Angel Babies' Millie and Smith's Chunky.

"Fisher Farm's Alyson"
She is a super outgoing little girl that loves attention! Her color isn't the best, but she looks to be a pretty upright little Doe. Hopefully her color will clear up as she matures! We are going to try to sell some of our older Does by the end of the year, so we decided to keep her to replace some of the Does that will be leaving.
She is also from Angel Babies Millie and Smith's Chunky.

NGF's 193 (a.k.a. Bow) and Autumn are both due any day now.....We will most likely let Bow retire after this litter and if Autumn is unsuccessful again this litter, she'll be up for sale. So we'll see what happens! : )

Well, now that I have written this very long post, I think I have updated you on everything!
Until next time, enjoy all this wonderful weather! : )

Saturday, September 3, 2011

~ Busy ~

 We've been very busy here at Fisher Farms!!

All of XC's litter left earlier this week (all except for Oliver of course!). Wyndall and Wyndie both went to pet homes and Olivia went to a family that is just getting into Rabbit Showing.

3 of Lexus's (Missus, Madison, and Marley) all left today. Each of them went to a breeder. Madilynn will be leaving a little later this month.

Good luck with your bunnies everyone! :)

NGF's 193 (aka Bow) and Autumn are due around the 13th. Hopefully we'll get some nice babies from them!

Poor little Emmie keeps pulling fur and trying to make a nest....but we haven't even bred her before...!!! lol We were planing to breed her later this month, but since she has decided that she wants to make a nest...we went ahead and bred her with Max today. I thought that she would be really receptive to the buck because she was so excited to make a nest, but she was pretty grumpy with the buck, but they did end up breeding. We also bred Gisele. We bred her to Laredo. We should get some really nice clean colored sable points with them!! I'm excited to see what they'll produce!

Pooh Bear's babies are sooo cute right now!! : ) It looks like one of them (Hank) is going to be a fuzzy lop. I didn't think about it when I bred Chunky to Pooh Bear, but they both carry the "fuzzy" gene....oh well! He's going to be really cute anyway!

Still don't know the sexes of Millie's, Zoe's, or Bonnie's yet...Hopefully I'll know for sure by next weekend, but we'll see.

Here are some pictures from our last "photo shoot":

That's all for now! : )