Tuesday, November 22, 2011

~ Changes ~

Well......there have been some "changes" here are the Rabbitry!!

The first one happened right before the show Nov. 12th....When we were brushing out Diddy, we felt something on his belly (we thought it was poo or something that got stuck in his fur) But on further evaluation, we realised that Diddy was not a "He" but rather, a "She"!!!!! : o  So....when we got to the show the next day we had to change the entry to a doe instead of a buck. And as a Doe, she went on to win BOSB and BOB!! : ) It kind of messed up our plans though, because now we didn't have a buck!!

Then, a day or two ago, I was brushing out Mocha, and for whatever reason, I decided to check the sex again....and.....instead of being a doe like I thought, it was a Buck!! : / It was good and bad...bad because we were planning on it being a doe, but at least now we had a buck to go with Bonnie/Gracie/Diddy!

I just hope that this doesn't happen again!!
I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!
Happy Thanksgiving!! : )

Thursday, November 17, 2011

~ Show News ~

 I finally got my show reports for the Oct. 1st and Nov. 12th shows.....they had good and bad news.

For the Oct. 1st show:

Show A:

Isabell got Best Opposite Sex of Variety
(a leg)

Show B:

Sophie got Best of Variety & Best of Breed!!
(a leg)

The others got good comments, but no legs.... : (

For the show on Nov. 12th:

Show A:


Lexus got Best Opposite Sex of Variety & Best Opposite Sex of Breed
Alyson got Best Opposite Sex of Variety

Diddy got Best Opposite Sex of Variety and Best Opposite Sex of Breed
Show B:


Lexus got Best Opposite Sex of Variety & Best Opposite Sex of Breed
Alyson got Best Opposite Sex of Variety

Diddy got Best of Variety and Best of Breed!!

There weren't enough people/rabbits at the Taylorsville show to get any legs.....But we still came home with 4 trophies! : )
You can see some pictures from the show below.

All the other bunnies are doing very well and getting cuter by the day! We are heading into a busy season of Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years...so I'll try to keep this blog updated as much as I can.

Until next time....Happy Thanksgiving!! : )

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ Getting Ready ~

 Our next show of the year will be in Taylorsville, NC this Saturday! : )

We haven't been to this club's show, so it will be good to see how they do their show. And it's always good to see our "Rabbit" friends! : )

We are taking:


They are all Jr.'s except for Lexus. We weren't really planning to show Lexus, but since her last litter was a "false" pregnancy, we decided not to breed her right away and wait to take her to the show. She hasn't ever been shown, so it will be interesting to see how she does. I'm hoping she isn't DQ'ed for being overweight....since she's had her litters, she's gained weight...so hopefully not too much weight! lol

Oliver is developing very nice and is "chunking" out....he still has a way to go, but I think he has a good chance against other Jr. bucks.

Clint....we weren't even planning to keep this buck, let alone show him! lol : ) But we realised that Bentley just developed into too large of a buck then we're looking for....and Clint has developed SOOO nicely that we decided to keep Clint and sell Bentley...I'm sad to sell Bentley, as he is one of my favorites, but if we want to continue to produce better and better babies, it's best if we keep Clint. Also, another reason I'm sad to see Bentley go is that he is a Sable Point (the color that we're working on to have in all our Hollands) and Clint is a tort. So it will take a little longer to get some more Sable Points, but Clint does carry the "Sable Point" gene.
Here are some pictures of Clint:

Drew's color has developed very nicely. It's super clean! He doesn't have the best body type though and his ears are a little long....but you never know, a judge might still like him!!

Alyson is starting to look like a Blue point, instead of a sable point.....I'm not sure if that is a showable color, but I want to take her anyway, so that I can ask the other breeders up there what color they think she is.

Diddy was a super smutty sable point baby! But now, he is a Very clean sable point! : ) I have big hopes for him! He's got a really nice mane, very good color, and short little ears!

Gracie is just like her mom "Bonnie". She looks and acts just like her!! : ) (Which is a good thing!) Her ears are a little long, but her color, wool, and body are really nice! So I think she'll do well too.

We're also taking several to sell at the show too:

Cool Whip

They are all very nice quality, and we are selling them for very reasonable prices, because we need the cage space...so if you're interested, let me know and I might make you a deal! : )

After this show, we have one more for the year--Columbia, SC--on Dec. 3rd. We've always done well at this show, so we're excited!

All the babies are doing very well and most of them are sold, though we still have 2 available! (Mittens and Leland)
That's all for now!