Friday, December 30, 2011

~ Happy New Year ~

The last of the "Christmas" bunnies were picked up on Tuesday. They were the last bunnies we'll have for a few months....

The bucks have been busy around here! : )
Here's a list of who's bred to who:

Oliver-- Isabell

Max -- XC

Max -- Lexus

Oliver -- Darcy

Oliver -- Sophie

Oliver -- Gisele

Max -- Emmie

Zach -- Bonnie


Between the 8 litters, we have Does due from mid--late Jan. And if the litters are successful, the babies will be ready to leave early--mid. March.

This is the first time we've bred Oliver, so hopefully he's old enough and the Does took!! We bred him to all the bigger Does because he's so small. And we bred Max to the smaller Does.

Because Max/Oliver are the only bucks we have old enough to breed, we had to breed them to broken Does. So we'll most likely have lots of Charlies this go around! : )
If you'd like to be added to the waiting list for these litters, let us know!

We'll try breeding NGF's 266 "Sissy", Millie, and Alyson sometime in Feb.

I updated the website today. We don't have any litters at the moment so all the baby pictures are off. We still have "Bow" available on the for sale page. I re-did her pictures this morning.

I also added Dasher to the "Bucks" page. We had originally called him "Jingle" because he had a sister named "Belle". So it was Jingle & Belle (for our Christmas theme). But since we decided to keep him, we thought "Dasher" sounded better. So Dasher it is! Here's a picture of him:

I think that's all.....I hope you all have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year in 2012!! : )

Monday, December 19, 2011

~ Back Again ~

Since the last post, Isabell had a litter of 4 babies. Though, none of them lived. I think she had a hard time getting them out... : (

And Lexus never had a litter, so I guess she never took!! So we re-bred her yesterday to Max again. If she still doesn't take this time, we'll probably sell her.

Oliver just turned 5 1/2 months old, so we decided to try him with Isabell, since he's such a small buck. It seemed like it worked, so we'll see what happens! : )

We also bred XC with Max. I would have liked to have bred her with another buck, but the only other buck available was Oliver, and that's her son. So we'll probably get broken blacks again.

We tried breeding Emmie again, but she wouldn't cooperate, so we'll try her again in a few days.

Sophie is now old enough to breed, but when we tried her with Oliver, she didn't want to have anything to do with it. So we'll try her again later.

In other news, we recently got another new bunny! Well, not exactly new...Her name is Darcy. She was born at our Rabbitry last Nov. and was sold to a sweet family for Christmas. Well, the family was no longer able to keep her, so they asked if we would take her back. And, we did. After looking back through my records from last year, I figured out that her parents were Bucky and Kim. And because we don't have either of them anymore, I had to go look through my pedigree records so I could make her a pedigree.
She was pretty scared the first day or two, but now that she has settled in, she's super sweet and loves getting attention! Just like our other bunnies! : ) She's a brood quality kind of girl. But no surprise considering who her parents were. Her owners never got her spayed, so we're going to try to breed her to Oliver (since he's so small) in the next few days. Hopefully she'll take and be a good mom. It's harder to get them to bred when they are older, but it's not impossible! Our one Doe "Millie" was a year old when we got her and, now she has litters with 5-7 babies! So we're excited to see what Darcy will do! : )
Here are some pictures of her:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

~ Business ~

Wow!! It has been soooo busy our the Rabbitry lately!!

We had a Show in Columbia, SC on Dec. 3rd. It was a triple show. We brought: Oliver, Drew, Clint, Alyson, Gisele, Emmie, & XC. There were a LOT of entries!! They all got pretty good comments except Gisele. All 3 judges said that she was pretty much just good for a brood Doe. But since that's why we kept her, it's fine. Emmie won BOSV which I'm pretty sure won a leg, because of all the entries! Then Clint went on to win BOSB!! Other then those wins, there were no other legs....Also, we came home with a new little Doe! : ) She is from Narrow Gate Farms in NC. She a super cute tort Jr. Doe. She just turned 5 months old, so as soon as Oliver is old enough to breed, we'll breed them together and see what we get. Here are some pictures of her:

We've had lots of people that were interested in getting a bunny for Christmas lately! The last bunny that we had available was placed on hold today. So we do not have anymore babies that will be able to leave by Christmas! We do however, have two adults available: Zoe (a Lionhead) and Bow (a Holland Lop). Just contact us if you'd be interested in either of them.

Isabell is due anytime right now.....we're hoping for some really nice babies from her!!

Lexus is also due next week. We bred her with Max this time. Since he carries shaded, we should get some sable points or siamese sables in solids and brokens. So we'll see what happens!

I think that's about it for now....until next time! : )