Friday, February 24, 2012

~ Photo Shoot ~

I did a bunny "photo shoot" the other day, and I thought I'd share a little bit about how I do it.

First, you have to have a good backdrop! I seen where some breeders use their grooming table outside and pose their rabbits on that. That works great, but only if the scenery in the background isn't messy. Another way to do it is to have a fabric background (which is what I use). I've seen a couple ways to do the fabric background; 1: is to have a piece of fabric purposely "crinkled" to add dimension to the picture. Or you can have the fabric laid flat (which is what I do). Just be sure that your fabric, whether "crinkled" or flat, it ironed and crisp! The last thing you want is to have wrinkled fabric that takes away from a otherwise very nice looking rabbit!
Also, if using a fabric, try to use a "neutral" color. Pastels usually work best. I use a very faint green colored fabric to go with our "green" color theme of our site. It is still light enough that it doesn't take away from the rabbits. Sometimes if you use a bright color or bold print, it can be very distracting! And your eye looks at the fabric and not the rabbit.

Second: Now that you have your background settled, you need to figure out when the best time of day you'll get the best results. For me, I put up my "set" up on the front porch. And I get the best lighting at about 10-11 am. Right when the sun is starting to come around the house. I personally think that rabbit pictures look best when taken outside in natural light. It's harder to get a crisp picture with artificial light. But some breeders still have fantastic pictures when taken indoors! You just have to see what works best for you! :)

Third: I used to use props a lot for my pictures (especially for the bunnies), but since I can't leave my "set" up all the time, I got tired of having to put everything together every time I wanted to take some pictures. So, right now, I'm just sticking with just a fabric background.

Now you're ready to take some pictures!! : )
Here is a picture of my "set":
This was from when I used the flower "props".

You don't have to have an expensive camera to take good pictures! Just having a good background and good lighting is half the battle! I use a simple Kodak digital camera.
I usually like to get more close up photos of my bunnies, so I put my camera on "flower" (up close) setting to get the best results. With any photo shoot, (especially with bunnies!!) you most likely won't get a good picture the first shot. It usually takes me at least 5-10 pictures per rabbit/bunny to get a keeper! Sometimes if the rabbit just doesn't want to sit still it takes even more to get a good one! You just have to be willing to work with them and have patience to wait for the good shot!

Here are some pictures I've taken over the years (all of which haven't been edited ain any way!):

The pictures above are all of babies. That is why they aren't posed. I usually don't try to pose them in a picture when they are little, because I think they are much cuter just being themselves! If I do though need to pose them to see quality or to show someone that is interested in one of them for breeding and needs to see a profile of them, this is what it usually looks like when they are little:

For the most part the bunnies are much more interested in checking out the set rather then sit still for a picture! lol :)

Here are some pictures that I took the other day of Gisele's babies. They are developing VERY nicely!! The sable point is a male (Arthur), the Tort is a female (Sue) and the broken tort is a female (Giada). We are keeping Giada.

In other news, all of the litters are doing well!! Millie had 5 babies, XC had 2 and they are all very fat and happy!

Sissy (NGF's 266) had a litter this morning, but it was one DOA and one peanut. Sadly the peanut will die soon since it's by itself. We will try to rebreed her sometime next week. I think I will try her with Drew this time.

The weather has been soooo nice this week! As I'm writting this, it is almost 70 degrees!! :) And it's the middle of Febuary!!

I think that's all for now!