Friday, August 24, 2012

~ At Long Last ~

Wow!! I haven't written a blog post since March!! That's pretty sad!! We've been super busy with family and animals, and it's just easier to post something quick on Facebook, instead of having to write a whole post on here!

We have some very nice looking Jr.'s right now, so I couldn't help but post something about them!! : )

First, is our little Jr. buck "Fisher Farm's Thornton"!! Oh my goodness!!

He is looking sooo good already, and he's only 3 months old!!! I just want to keep looking at his picture! lol
He is out of "Fisher Farm's Oliver" and "MMHF's Jade". Oliver is one of my favorite bucks!! And he is out of "Hamilton's Laredo", which was also one of my favs.!! : ) So, can't wait to see how Thornton turns out!! He's starting to go through his "uglies", so hopefully he'll still look o.k. for the show at the end of Sept.!

Another rabbit I'm excited about is "Fisher Farm's Giada".

She just turned Sr. last month. We're going to hold off breeding her until after the show in Sept. I plan on breeding her to our sable point buck "Fisher Farm's Drew". She's got finer bone, so hopefully matched with Drew's mass, they'll produce some nice babies!! : )

Emmie and Emma are both due in about a week! Emmie was bred to Oliver and Emma was bred to Drew. Hopping for more nice babies out of these two!

The weather is finially cooling down, so we are able to put some of the bunnies out in the bigger outdoor hutches. I think they are enjoying the extra space!!

Our next show is Sept. 29th. We're very excited about going! We haven't been to any shows since May, and we've got some new hopefuls to show! Plus, it's always good to see/hangout with our fellow breeders!

We have decided to not breed Lionheads anymore!! We want to focus more on our Hollands, and need more cage space to do so. We are going to keep "Bonnie" as a pet and breed her to our smaller Holland bucks every once in awhile...So we have a Lionhead Trio Available!!! Check our "For Sale" page for more details!! You can have all three for $120!! They would be a great start to a Lionhead herd!! : ) E-mail me if interested!!

That's all for now....I'll try to blog a little more often! : )