Sunday, August 21, 2011

~ News ~

Wow! It seems like I haven't posted a blog in a long time, but it's only been about a week and a half!

Well, a lot has changed since the last post.

Pooh Bear's babies (including the foster baby) have all opened their eyes and are starting to jump around. They are so cute! : ) Autumn's little baby is going to grow up thinking it's a Holland Lop. lol There are 3 blue torts and 1 black tort in Pooh Bear's litter and Autumn's baby looks to be a REW or Pointed White.

Lexus's babies are SOO friendly and love to lick your hands and face! They come running to the cage door to get attention when they see you coming! : )

XC's litter is also doing very well.

I am so proud of Bonnie!! She is doing such a good job for a first time mom! Her one baby is a sable point, but I'm not sure yet what the other is....It's either a smutty sable point or a Siamese sable??? Can't tell yet....

Millie is doing very well with her babies. They are nice and fat! : ) There is 1 black tort and 3 sable points!! I'm not sure where all the sable points came from?! Millie has a little shaded in her pedigree, but Chunky only has torts?? At any rate, I'm just glad we had several Sable Points in one litter. : )

Zoe is also doing well with her babies. Looks like 1 sable point and 2 REW's or pointed whites.

Dixie's litter didn't make since she hasn't been able to have babies twice in a row, I'm going to put her up for sale as a pet. She is very sweet and likes attention. She can be kind of shy, but is still very sweet. I'll try to take some new pictures of her soon.

The weather has cooled down (only in the 80's) which has been nice! It has been SO hot this spring/summer!! It'll be nice when fall comes and we can put some of the bunnies in the outdoor hutches.

I think that is all that has been going on lately! : )

Thursday, August 11, 2011

~ Babies ~

The Does have been busy around our Rabbitry lately! : )

Pooh Bear's litter is doing very well! They are SUPER fat right now! There are 3 Blue Torts and 1 Black tort for sure. They should be very cute little babies as they mature. : )

Pooh Bear's little foster baby (Autumn's baby) is also very fat and is looking much better then when we first put it with Pooh Bear's litter. It looks like it will be sable point, but not sure yet.

Bonnie had a litter!! : ) Yay! It was her first litter, and she is doing pretty well so far. She has two babies. One looks very good, but the other is kind of small....It looks better then a peanut, but it's smaller then it's litter we'll have to keep a watch on it. Both of her babies also look lightly colored. I'm excited to see how they develop!

XC's and Lexus's babies are SO cute right now!! : ) And they are all developing very nicely. Each of them come running to the cage door to get petted and held.

I think that's it for now... : )

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~ Surprise ~

Well, it ends up that Autumn did have a baby!! When I was feeling in her nestbox this morning I just felt the one dead baby and didn't realise there was another one in there! I had left the box in the cage just in case she wasn't done yet...and when we were cleaning out the nestbox later today we realised that there was a live baby in there!! : o
The baby was kind of cold and pretty skinny so we gave it to Pooh Bear (she has fostered babies before). I checked on it again tonight and it was already VERY fat! : ) It looks pretty lightly colored so probably a Sable Point or REW....we'll see!

~ Autumn ~

Autumn had 1 really big kit that was born dead this morning, so we'll try re-breed her this weekend.

Bonnie pulled some fur, so hopefully she'll do well! : ) This is her first litter, so fingers crossed!

I looked at Pooh Bear's babies this morning and it looks like now that there are 2 blue torts and 2 black torts....we'll see! : )

That's all for now.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

~ Updates ~

I took some new pictures of the babies yesterday. They are all so cute right now!! : )

Lexus's litter kept falling asleep while I was taking pictures, (lol) so their pictures aren't the best. They are MUCH cuter in person!! Hopefully they will do better the next photo shoot.

XC's little bunch were very good about posing! Especially Oliver! He is such a little ham. ; ) lol Here are some of him:

Also, while I was taking pictures, I thought it would be cute if I did one of Skye. She is SOO fluffy right now! Her fur is always in her eyes, so I thought it would be cute if I tied her fur up in a bow. I don't think that she was very impressed! lol ; ) She started to chew on the ribbon, therefore the bow came off after a few min.!

It has been very hot here in the upstate of SC lately! It has been so much less stressful this year having the bunnies in the "rabbit House" and not having to worry about them being too hot! As I'm writing this, we're getting a nice summer shower that will hopefully rejuvenate some of our plants!

Pooh Bear had 5 kits this afternoon. One of which is a peanut. It looks like they are all going to be Blue Torts, but we'll see for sure in a few days when their fur comes in.

That's it for now....I'll post when/if Autumn has her litter....

Friday, August 5, 2011

~ Bucky ~

Last night as we were checking on the rabbits for the night, we noticed that Bucky had died!! :'(

He had stopped eating normally (about 2 weeks ago), which was weired because he loved to eat! We tried to give him some veggies and let him be in the grass, but he continued to decline and stopped eating all together on Tues. So we knew that his end was very near! Even though we knew it was coming it was still very sad!! : (

Bucky was our very first "pedigreed" rabbit. He was also our first Holland Lop. He was just like a little puppy and always ran to his cage door as soon as he saw you coming! If we let him out in the grass, he would come right back to us just like a puppy! Everyone in the family had a sweet spot for Bucky!

We tried to keep track of all the babies he has fathered, and I think he got up to 60 babies!! And those are only the ones that survived! Not counting all the babies that were either born dead or died! He loved his girls, and was ALWAYS ready to breed when we needed him! lol ; )

He is now buried with all of our other beloved pets that have passed away in our little "pet grave yard".

He will always be remembered here at Fisher Farms Rabbitry!

Rest in Peace Bucky Boy!! <3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

~ Daisy ~

We recently acquired a Flemish Giant!!

There was a couple we had sold a Lionhead to a few years ago, who also had a Flemish Giant. 
Well the couple's apartment building changed their policies about pets, and therefore could no longer be able to keep their rabbits. They were able to find a home for the Lionhead, but not for the Flemish Giant....So they sent us an e-mail asking if we would be able to take the Flemish (her name was Daisy) and find a home for her...We decided that we would!

Daisy is VERY sweet and loves getting petted and to run around!! Like her breed's name implies, she is a big rabbit! She weighs about 12 pounds.

Here are some pictures that I took of her in the grass:

We are not exactly sure how old she is, but her previous owners thought that she was about 2 years old. Her color is fawn. She LOVES eating veggies and hay!! You can see her info on our "For Sale" page.

If you or if you know someone that would be interested in Daisy, please contact us!! : )