Monday, October 31, 2011

~ Wow! ~

Wow!! Millie has surprised us again--with *7* babies in her litter last night!! : o

Millie is definitely a "BUD" kind of Doe, but all of her babies are always the sweetest things!! : ) She gets the award for having the friendliest babies we've ever had! And for having the most babies. She had 5 babies in her first litter, then 4, then 7, then 4, and now 7 again!
Her babies haven't been our best "quality", but because they have always been so sweet, we've kept her around. After this litter we're going to give her a little brake of having babies for a month or more. She deserves it! : )
So far, it looks like there are 3 black torts, 2 blue torts, and 2 sable points. We'll see for sure in the next few days.

In other news, Emmie's, Gisele's, and XC's litters are looking so cute right now!! : ) We decided to keep one of Emmie's babies. The broken Siamese Sable. We named her "Emma".....we've kind of had a theme going since Emmie's mom. Her name was "MZ" and we called her "Emmzie", so when we kept a daughter from her we called her "Emmie", and now that we're going to be keeping one of Emmie's, we kept the "E" theme and went with Emma! : ) Two of Emmie's babies are going to breeders and I hope that they produce some nice babies for them!! And the other will be going to a pet home....where I know it will be loved dearly! : )

Gisele's little buck "Mittens" is still available!! I'm not sure how he ended up with white paws, but in any case, he's super cute!! He'll make a get pet! So if you or someone you know would be interested, e-mail me!! He's super sweet and loving! : )

In XC's litter, we have 2 bucks and 1 female available! 1 of the bucks and the female are "Charlies" (they have less then 10% color and when bred can only produce broken patterned babies), and the other buck is a regular broken black. I personally think that "Charlies" are super cute! I love that they're mostly white like a REW, but with brown eyes and a little bit of color. : ) Our beloved "Bucky" that died earlier this year in Aug. was a "charlie".

Also, Zoe had a litter of two babies last Friday. I checked them this morning and they are both Sable Points....Yay!!!! : ) I'm so glad they aren't REW's or Pointed whites! Hopefully one of them is a buck, because we need one to replace Liam.

Bonnie is due today....She looks very fat, and has pulled some fur (as of this morning) we'll wait and see!

Isabell is also due later this week.....I'm very excited to see what she produces!! : )

We still have several rabbits available on our For sale Page and Nursery....please go check it out and see if we have your forever furry friend!! : )

The next show we'll be going to is Taylorsville, NC on Nov. 12th. So if there is a bunny that you're interested in that we have, we can deliver it to the show!! This is the first time we've been to this show.

I think that's all that's been going on here at the Rabbitry! : )
Until later.....

Monday, October 10, 2011

~ New Babies ~

We have lots of babies around the Rabbitry right now!  : ) Both little and big. We still have 4 (including the Lionhead) of Pooh Bear's last litter available: Boo, Hank, Tony, & Clint.
Clint is turning into very nice little buck! His ears are nice and short and very thick, body is compact and looks very promising! So if you're interested in breeding, he would be a great start to a breeding program! (Plus he carries dilute)
Tony is also looking very nice! His ears are a little long, but he may still grow into them. His color is super rich/dark; he's such a sweetheart too! All he wants is to be held and petted! : )
Hank is such a fluff ball!! lol He looks alot bigger then he really is. He also love attention!
Boo is always one of the first ones to the cage door to get attention! He's a little too be a brood buck, but he should make a wonderful pet for someone!

We also have one of Millie's left: Stewart. He's turning into a little bigger buck then I thought, but should bulk out a lot as he matures. He's super sweet too! : )

We have Simon (an adult Lionhead Buck), Bow (an adult Holland Lop Doe), & Lindsay (a baby Lionhead Doe) available as well. Please visit our for sale page fore more info!

Gisele and Emmie both had their first litters last week!! Yay!! : ) Gisele had 3 babies & Emmie had 5. They didn't have any problems and are keeping their babies (especially Gisele!) VERY fat. Gisele's look like they are about to explode! lol I will post pictures in a few days. (I'm just waiting for them to get some more fur before I take some)

XC had her litter yesterday afternoon. She had 4 in all. 1 broken black, and 3 broken black--charlies. This is the first time that we've ever had all broken blacks in a litter!

Lexus was due the same time XC was, so unless she has them early tonight, I don't think the litter will make it....Hopefully though, she'll have them with no problems! : )

That's all for now....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

~ BRR & CBA Show Oct. 1st 2011 ~

The show went really well today!! : )

It was especially nice to see our "rabbit friends" and just talk rabbit talk!! lol

There were some VERY nice rabbits at the show and tough competition. I don't know the exact count, but there were probably close to at least 200 rabbits there!

Bentley got second place in broken HL Sr. bucks in show A, and DQ'ed for being 3 oz. over weight in show B.

I don't remember exactly what place Oliver got in the two shows.....the judges said that he was a pretty nice buck, but just needed to mature and bulk out some more. So no legs for him today....But I'll be taking him to the next one though!! : )

Isabell got BOSV in both shows!!! Yay! Now she finally has two legs! I think she got BOS in show A, but I can't remember...I'll have to wait to get the show results! Either way, she still got two legs! Everyone that saw her loved her color! We're going to try to breed her sometime next week.

And the biggest surprise of the day.........Sophie got BOB in show B!!!!!!!!!! : O To be honest, I had thought about not taking her to the show at all, but decided to take her anyway to at least see what the judges thought of her....and I'm glad I did!!!!! : ) She also got two legs...the first show she got as far as BOSV, and she also got BOSV in show B and went on tp win BOB! She was right at the weight limit (4 lbs.) so since she's still a Jr. this will her first and last show....But that's o.k....she'll be a great brood Doe.

Skye got DQ'ed in the first show for not having a I entered into the DQ show.....and she won it!!!! : ) lol

After the DQ show, I combed her fur better and you could see her break better then...she still didn't win a leg in the 2nd show, but at least she didn't get DQ'ed!
So we'll see how she continues to develop...

Here are some more pics. from the show room:

I'll post more as far as wins when I get my show results in, in a few weeks...

That's all for now! : )