Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ Triple Crown Show ~

Today was the Triple Crown Show in Spartanburg, SC!!

This is the closest show to us, so it's always nice to not have to get up wa early to get to a show! It's only about 50 min away.

It went pretty well....I don't remember exactly who won what, but here is what I do remember:

Show A:
Clint won Best Solid Jr. Buck (and won a leg for it! His second)
Oliver got 2nd Broken Sr. Buck (which is pretty good considering that he's a young Sr.)
Everyone else got pretty good remarks. The Judge mainly said they need some more time to develop.

Show B:
We didn't do very well at all in this show... : /

Show C:
Clint won Best Solid Jr. Buck, but there weren't enough to win a leg...
Alyson got 2nd Solid Sr. Doe (I showed her as a Sr. because she was over the weight limit for a Jr.)
Emma got 2nd Broken Jr. Doe
Oliver got Best Broken Sr. buck, Best Of Variety, and then went on to win Best Opp. Sex of Breed!! : ) Yay! His first leg!!

All in all, it was a pretty good show, and it's always great to see all of our fellow Rabbit breeders!!

Here are some pictures from around the show:

This judge loved crazy hats!

                                                               This is Oliver getting judged:

Oliver and his trophy! : )

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