Monday, March 12, 2012

~ The Hoppin' Circle ~

Earlier this year I joined the "The Hoppin' Circle" which is a circle of rabbit breeders and hobbyists from around the country that enjoy reading each other's blogs and keeping informed about the rabbit "happenings" around them.
Every month, each of the bloggers send in their top/fav. post of the month, and it is compiled all into one post. This enables more people, that may otherwise not know about it, learn interesting facts from these breeders! Enjoy! : )

Oak Ridge Rabbitry shows us the imporatance of being transparent in our rabbitry.

At Home Pets tells us how she breeds for health in her rabbitry.

The Kelfla Project shows us how they stay organized with a animal management application.

Fisher Farms Rabbitry shows us their set up for taking sassy pictures of their adorable buns.

Hendricks Hearth tackles a very important topic in The Hay Post.

Rabbit Smarties introduces us to the breed; Silver.

October Grace Rabbitry shares with us some of their dreams for their barn

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