Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~ Favorites ~

Just wanted to blog a little about some of my favorite bunnies that we have right now! : )

First, there is Isabell!! She is developing into such a nice Doe! Here are some pictures that I took this afternoon:
She is such a sweet little girl. She loves to be petted and held, and she is very good about posing for pictures as you can see! : )

I love her thick short ears and big head!!
Her color also seems very nice.

I can't wait to bring to the show in Oct.!! : ) She didn't do very well at the show that we took her to earlier this year, but the judges said she just needed to develop more. Well for 5 months old, I think she is doing pretty well!

As far as the babies we have right now, XC's litter seems to be my fav. right now! I try not to get attached to our litters because most of them are sold. But for some reason I have really gotten attached to this litter! Especially the broken tort. It is a little buck that we named "Oliver" and he is so cute!
And he likes to pose for the camera as you can see! lol : )

His sister Olivia is also looking very promising!

I took new pictures of XC's litter and listed their sexes on the nursery page. I am in the process of contacting the waiting list....
Also took a picture of Lexus's litter.

That's it for now! : )

Monday, July 25, 2011

~ Babies ~

Lexus's babies opened their eyes yesterday, and three of her litter are REW's! This is the first time we've ever had REW Hollands. The forth baby is a broken sable point. I should be able to tell their sexes by the beginning of Aug. sometime. I'll be taking some pictures of the litter in the next few days...

XC's babies are SOO cute right now!! : ) They are starting to jump out of the nestbox and their ears are just barely starting to lop over! I am pretty sure which ones are females and which ones are I'll be contacting the people on the waiting list very soon. When I take pictures of Lexus's litter, I will take individual ones of XC's as well.

Keep cool in all this hot weather!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

~ Pictures ~

I finally had time yesterday to take some updated pictures for the website!! : )

First, I took some pictures of XC's litter. They are so cute and chubby right now! lol They're listed on the "Nursery" page. I'm going to wait a few more days until I take some pictures of Lexus's babies...I still can't quite tell what their colors are yet....

We bred Zoe with Zach on the 15th....and we bred Millie with Chunky yesterday. We are also planing to breed Dixie again later this week...

I also added two rabbits to our "For Sale" page. A Lionhead Jr. buck (Simon) and a Sr. Holland Lop Doe (MZ) We are selling Simon just because he is developing into a big buck, and we are trying to breed for smaller stock....he will be a pet only. He is very sweet and likes attention!
We are selling MZ "Emmzie" because she has had trouble the last few litters and we think she needs to retire to a forever pet home!! : ) She is SUPER sweet and loves attention and to be petted/held!
Here's a picture that I have of her in the grass:

Please inquire if interested in either of these rabbits! (Emmzie sold this afternoon!!)

I also added Sophie to the "Does" page. I "re-organized" the "Does" page by putting all torts together and the shadedes together. Instead of having them all mixed up. Here is a pic. of Sophie being cute! : ) (Which is not very hard for her!)

Isabell, Gisele, and Emmie are almost Sr.'s now, so I will be updating their pictures in the next month or so...Isabell is developing SOOO nicely!! I wish there was a show we could take her to sometime soon but the next show that we're going to is the 1st of Oct....I'm just hoping she will stay in good condition until then! : )

I think that's it for now! : )

Friday, July 15, 2011

~ Update ~

We have good and bad news....

First the good news! : ) Lexus had 4 healthy babies last night!! I can't tell their colors yet, but it looks like they will be lighter colored. I'll post pictures of them once I know what colors they are.

The sad news...Dixie had her litter today but all 4 of the babies were dead!! : ( This was her first litter, so we'll breed her again soon and try again.

I was going to try to take some pictures of XC's litter today, but it's all wet and rainy outside....So as soon as the weather clears up I'll take one of the litter.

I guess that's it for now.... : )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~ Getting Ready ~

I was down checking on the rabbits last night and I gave Dixie some more hay to make a nest. She was very excited!! : ) I was trying to get a picture of her with her mouth full of hay but she wouldn't sit this was all I could get:

While I had the camera down at the Rabbit house, I took a quick picture of XC's babies in the nestbox. They were so cute! : )

The one bunny was hiding under the other three bunnies....I am always amazed at how the bunnies are able to breath when they are all piled up like that! lol  : )

Still no babies from Lexus or Dixie....hopefully they will have their litters soon!

~ Fisher Farms Rabbitry ~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~ First Post ~

Hey Everyone!!

We have decided to start a blog to help keep everyone updated on the happenings of our Rabbitry! : )

As I am typing up this blog, it is 93 degrees outside in the shade! It feel much hotter when you're in the sun! Luckily, we re-did our "Rabbit House" earlier in May, and installed a/c and water. We will also have a heater for in the winter. The Rabbit House is kept at about 75-80 degrees. The rabbits seem very happy to be in the air this year! : ) The last few years, we had lots of fans blowing on all the cages (which were in the shade) and we also gave each of them big ice blocks to help keep them cool. Now that we have the a/c we don't have to worry about them nearly as much, which is so nice!

Also, now that we have the a/c we can breed all year round! It was just too hot to breed in the summer without the a/c both for the moms and the babies.

Speaking of babies, Lexus and Dixie are due this week. Lexus was bred to Laredo, so she should have some sable point babies. She had 2 very nice babies in her last litter, so hopefully she will have a very nice litter this time as well! : ) This is Dixie's first litter. She was bred to Louis right before he was sold. We are hoping that she will have some shaded babies for us! We'll see what happens. I'll post again when they have their litters.

XC's babies are all doing very well. They are VERY fat right now! There are 3 solid black torts and 1 broken black tort. I will take some pictures of them later this week...

I guess that's it for now, we have lots of bunny pick-ups this week...we're always glad to see our bunnies go to loving homes! : )

Until next time....

~ Fisher Farms Rabbitry ~